Novogrudok Celebrated the 100th Anniversary of the Komsomol

Novogrudok Celebrated the 100th Anniversary of the Komsomol

31 Октября 2018 909

On October 29 a solemn event dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Komsomol was held in the hall of Novogrudok district center of culture and folk art. Veterans of the Komsomol are still active and energetic people. They did not hide the joy of the opportunity to meet with friends, share memories and once again plunge into the days of their Komsomol youth.


The solemn event dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Komsomoltook place in the center of culture and folk art. Veterans of the Komsomol movement, activists of the district organization of the BRSM Youth Union and youth of Novogrudok were present at the ceremony. The event was attended by the Chairman of the Novogrudok District Executive Committee Mr.  Anatoly Markovich, Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee Ms.Svetlana Korolko and heads of departments of the Executive Committee.


The history of this organization is a part of our country’s history. For many years, the Komsomol was the basis of the state youth policy, the organizing link of all youth initiatives, the school of patriotism. The All-Union Leninist Young Communist League (usually known as Komsomol) was founded on October 29, 1918. Its purpose was wide promotion of ideas of communism among working and country youth, active participation of young people in revolutionary construction of the Soviet state.

– 100 years ago the Komsomol organization was created. To be its member was honor for young people, - Anatoly Markevich addressed to participants of a meeting. - For everyone who joined the Komsomol, it was one of the best periods in life. The chronicle of Komsomol glory is filled with vivid examples of military feat and labor valor, good and very necessary things. We are proud of this and pass the baton to future generations.

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Mr Markevich congratulated everyone who linked their youth with Komsomol movement. He wished the youth success in work and study, implementation of all initiatives and creative plans for the benefit of the native Belarus. He also wished the veterans of the Komsomol movement enthusiasm, inexhaustible energy and health.

The most active veterans of the Komsomol were awarded with diplomas and thank-you letters of the Novogrudok District Executive Committee and the district Council of Deputies. The diplomas were given to Tamara Manukova, Valevka  kindergarten-secondary school, Nina Shaputko, Novogrudok Construction And Installation Department, Olga Bondar, the teacher of the nursery school No. 10 of Novogrudok, Henry Lukovskiy, the prize-winner of Lenin Komsomol of Belarus, the ex-Chairman of the Schorsy village Council, Ludmila of Maluha, the teacher of history in gymnasium No1 of Novogrudok.

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Congratulating the participants of the meeting on the anniversary, the first Secretary of the Novogrudok district Committee of BRSM Youth Union Olga Shnigir noted that today's youth continues the traditions of the older generation. Young men and women are actively involved in public life, organize and conduct various activities, help war veterans and single people, engaged in the promotion of healthy lifestyle.

On this day, members of the Belarusian Republican Youth Union was presented to the youth of the tickets of the new sample.

The festive atmosphere of the holiday was complemented by an interesting concert program.


Olga Novogran,

Photo by Olga Pisar

Translated by Helen Chal